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Macaroni production line

Electric Pasta Food Processing Machinery Macaroni Industrial Pasta Machine

Introduction to industrial macaroni pasta making machine Line

This industrial pasta making machine industry pasta making machine is produced by single-screw extruder through extruding cooking; the macaroni pasta can be different shapes like shell, spiral, square tube, circle tube, and so on. After drying, the macaroni pasta needs frying to get expanded.

Main Feature

Compact structure novel design and stable performance, developed on the base of like produces and requirements in the world market.

It realizes high automation, convenient operation, low energy and small floor space, that assures all working procedures from feeding flour to finished once.

The investment for this line is only one tenth of that larger size equipment ,especially suitable to small-size or self-owned enterprise.


Raw material Adopting potato starch, corn starch, cassava starch, wheat flour, corn flour etc as raw materials.

Product shapes many shapes such as crisp pea, shell, screw, square tube, round tube  and so on.

Capacity 100-150kg/h

Equipments material

Equipments are made of stainless steel and the screw is made of alloy steel and special craft, which guarantee the using time longer.

Flow chart

Mixing system---Extrusion system----Cutting system---Drying system---Frying system---Flavoring System --Packing system

Equipments list

Mixer, Screw conveyor, Single screw extruder, Cutter, Cooling machine,  Hot air dryer, Automatic fryer,

Flavoring line


Product Categories

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