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Breakfast cereal corn flakes

Automatic Extrusion Breakfast Cereal Corn Flakes Processing Line

Product Application

Corn flakes/ breakfast cereals are one kind of crispy food, with the advantages of hard to be steeped broken and strong grain taste. It is the crispy flake which is made from corn meal and the other grains powder.Corn flakes manufactured by twin-screw extruder or single screw extruder through the treatment of flakes of grain, served with milk and marshmallows, were a very popular food among the families.

The breakfast cereal machine includes mixing, extruding, flaking, drying, high temperature baking, flavoring and cooling。 It can be eaten like snack and be eaten with milk or coffee as well。 By changing moulds and production process, this production line can make different shapes of puffed food。 Such as ring, ball, flakes, star, letter etc。

Raw materials used for the corn flake processing line:

Corn flour.

Flow chart:

Mixing system---Extrusion system---- -Drying system---- High temperature inflating system---Flavoring system ---- Drying system ---- Cooling system----Packing system。


Capacity: 100-150kg/h, 200-250kg/h, 350-400kg/h and so on.

Main Features

1.Breakfast cereal machine has wide raw materials application range.

2.Our breakfast cereal machines’ extruders are twin-screw extruder, there is one couple of screws inside the barrel.

3.The raw material of screws is 38CrMoAl. This material’s hardness and strength performance is excellent, which can bear high temperature and high pressure.

4.Our twin-screw extruder has self-clean function.

Main machine details

Double screw extruder---- the main machine to make snack and corn flake. It is used to extrude and inflate material and then form it into different shapes. According to different screw design rate to full different technology request.

The high speed corn flake press machine is composed of a set of opposite rotation stainless steel rollers, high strength machine frame, hydraulic pressure control system, automatic roller gap adjusting system, roller cooling constant temperature system, transmission system and control system.

---- it is used to flavor snack food and corn flake with different tastes. It can flavor snack with different types of powder and liquid, for example: sugar, spice, salt, oil,  chocolate, cream and so on. It can be configured flexibly according to different need.

For the flavoring system, we have double roller flavor machine, single roller flavor machine, octagonal seasoner and double head octagonal seasoner for your choice.


Product Categories

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