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Dolly the production line


Fried doritos tortilla triangle chip processing line 
Brief decription:
This Fried doritos tortilla triangle chip processing line uses corn powder, corn starch, and rice powder as main materials which are extruded, compounded into triangle, round, square shapes. After fried and flavored, the final snakcs will be crispy and tasty like the brand in the market, doritos and tortilla. During compound shaping, some waste edges will be cut down, but it can be reused by grinded into powder and fill in the raw materials in certain proportion. So this processing line can maximumly lower the production cost.   

Production Flow: 
Flour Mixer → Double-screw Extruder Pilling Machine Cutter  Conveyor   Rotary Sifter  Vibrating Spreader  High Temp Roaster  Elevator  Fryer  Flavoring Line



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